Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Great week here in the Czech Republic =)

What a great week. This week started good, and ended good as well. I love my mission. This week we were able to go service tracting which was a very awesome. We went with the other Elders here in Hradec Králové, and we went door to door offering service to help people in their gardens (Czechs love their gardens) and random yard work and odd jobs that we could help with. It was a great time and we want to start doing it more so we can help the people and open up oppertunities to teach them.

We also went to Prague again as well, beautiful city. Wednesday, during companion study, we got a call saying that the MRI they did for Elder Andiarenas knee didnt work, so they needed us to come back in that day at 6:30 for another one. So we rescheduled a few things, and caught a train after district meeting. After our meeting, we were in the Metro and in a city of 2 million people, we met an american working in the Air Force, who was a missionary here in 2002-2004. It was very cool to talk to him and see how much the church has grown here. He opened up an area where we now have a very strong great branch. 

Sunday, there was also a returned missionary who served here with his wife about five or ten years ago. They weren't required to learn czech to serve their missions, but he had interest and taught himself a little. He wrote, and then translated a talk by himself, to give in sacrament meeting. It was a very neat experience to see and hear that talk. 

Today, we were able to go to a place called Kuna Horá, which is a small tourist town. They have a few old Catholic churches that were very interesting to see. One contains, and is decorated from the bones of 30,000 people who died during the black plague. Way crazy. The other big one, took about 500 years to make, and it was way pretty, and also kinda eary. I was trying to take cool pictures of it, then I rembered all the amazing pictures that have been taken of our temples, and this just looked a little eh. But it was still cool to go see, but that strengthened my testimony of the Lords work. The Salt Lake City took 40 years to make, and this took 500. The Lord is hastening his work. (Especally when it's his work) =)

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  1. Looks amazing!!! love seeing the pictures and hearing how well Blakes doing!!!