Monday, June 20, 2016

What a great week

This has been such a great week, we have had a ton of contacting and so many opportunities to teach and testify.  This week we had a few lessons, one consisted of some deeper doctrine and it always lead back to Joseph Smith and how we first need to find out for ourselves that he was a Prophet called of God. This investigator just wanted to know a few things to make it easier to believe, things that we could prove and show him. But that's not faith. We testified of the Book of Mormon, and how it was once gold plates, and we have never seen the plates but we believe that it's true. Our gospel is so simple that a child can understand it, but so complicated that you could study it your whole life trying to find answers to things. But it all comes down to faith.  I've had the blessing to see how testimonies grow as we come to understand the little things. I love this Gospel.

This week we met a bunch of people who are so prepared for the Gospel. It's amazing how God will put people where they need to be and how he puts his servants where they need to be. These people have been looking for answers for so long and have been being prepared to listen to the Gospel. The Church is True.

I can't believe that it's already June! This has gone so fast! The Ostrava Ward just took me in and helped me in so many ways. They are the best ever, their testimonies of Gospel are so strong, they are all such amazing examples to me. 

This week we are going to Prague, it will be our last training with President McConkie. He is so amazing, such a great President. I know that he was put here at this time to touch so many hearts and to help so many people. The Church is True, thank you for all of your prayers and support.

This is a picture of a Bee museum we went to with a member
And of sports night we had with Adam and David! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

What a great week!

This week flew by so fast! This week we went on an exchange to to Hradec Kravele with our Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Oviatt from Canada! He had to wait for his Visa for so long! He visa waited in Georgia, then lost his American visa, then he went back to Canada and served, then he made it into the country! He waited half a year then got to come here. He will have had four mission presidents as a missionary! Way crazy. So I was able to serve with him and we had a great exchange! Did a lot of street teaching and testifying. We were able to talk with some really great people and I learned a lot from their stories. I leaned a lot on how I can be more grateful and appreciate of the little things in my life.

After our exchange we went to Prague for some visa work. We were there for a while, and it was really cool to have lunch with almost everybody from my MTC group again. We went and had some good Indian food and then  went and did some contacting in Prague. On our way home, Elder Tingey and I weekly planned and got front row seats to a bachelor party of 15 very drunk guys on a train. That's why we don't drink. 

Saturday, Adam and Petra were baptized! I told you about David and how he went contacting with us last week, well on Saturday his mom and brother were both baptized! Such an amazing blessing in their lives. Their family is such an example to me. On Sunday I was blessed with the privilege to confirm Petra a member of the church. The Gift of Tongues and the Holy Ghost are real. I was also able to stand in the circle while Adam was ordained and his father Petr was given the aaronic priesthood. Such an amazing day. 

That's about it for this week, thanks for all of your prayers and support. I love you all. 

This is the Buzrlovi family. Such an amazing example for the whole ward here. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Another great week in the Czech Republic!

Wow, this week came and went. We hit our half transfer mark. When we were weekly planning, I had to count weeks three or four times because I couldn't believe it. This has flown by.

We have had a lot of time this week to go contacting and finding which is always so awesome, I love going and teaching and testifying all day. If there has been one thing that has really grown my testimony, it would be always being able to share it with others. It's also what has helped me learn the language the fastest, is finding new words I want to share and say and so I learn them and am able to remember them when the spirit fills me.

This week the weather has been really hot in the mornings, then stormy and rainy in the afternoon, it just can't make up its mind sometimes haha it reminds me of curbing in Idaho and always having to cover the concrete. 

Tuesday I went on am azmaing exchange with Elder Bourn, and it was so great to see how hard every worker in this mission is.
Saturday was an amazing day, this week during our game night with the ward, and David asked when we were going contacting again and if we had time Saturday. Turns out we had all day Saturday to go and he wanted to come with us! So we went on a five hour contacting block and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. David knew just the right time to help teach and testify and he worked as if he had been a missionary his whole life.  He is such an amazing example to me. I love Ostrava! I love my mission! I love this Gospel!