Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!!!

This has been a really good week. We have been contacting about Easter and its amazing to see that even though people don't believe in Christ, they still know his story. This is a very atheist country, but lots of them still know the story of our Savior and what he did for us. That is a huge testimony to me, the seed is already planted, we just need to help it grow. This week we were visited by a missionary from Switzerland who served here and was companions with my companion.  We were contacting a man while waiting to meet him for lunch, and the man we contacted set up with us to meet again, and now has a baptismal date and is so excited, he wants it to be sooner! It's so great to see how prepared people are, and that all we have to do is follow the spirit and find the ones that the Lord has prepared. This next week we have training and also an exchange right after, I'm so excited to go see different cities, this country is so beautiful and the people are so great. We went on an exchange this week as well with the Elders in Ostrava with us, and it was so great to learn from different missionaries and see how they bless others. This first picture was us this morning on an empty tram for one stop, which doesn't happen often, and it was Preparation day, so we had to take a picture.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Amazing Week

This was an amazing week, we started it with a presentation at a college. We taught a class of 24 people the Restoration and answered some really strange questions, most we honestly didn't know the answer to so it was more of a testimony meeting of us testifying and teaching of what we do know. After that we did a lot of finding and tracting and got a new investigator as a referral from our other investigator! It's so great that when people realize how amazing the Gospel is, they want other people to have it. It was halfway through our new investigators first prayer ever, when I was hit by the spirit and I realized, wow. This is why I'm here. All the hard long days and everything, it all pays off when the needle in the hay stack is found. We had a YSA activity here for all the YSA in the Czech Republic and it was so cool to see them and how strong they are in the Gospel. At their activity, we had a talk from Jan Pohořelický and his wife and they are going to be so great. They talked about how the Gospel has helped them in their life and in their marriage (remember this was for YSA, we were there to help translate for the senior couples). We met some really great people this week while contacting and hope to be able to meet with them more. This week I really felt the power of prayer, and how God loves all of us, and if we reach out and pray, that he will answer our prayers.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Really great week

Blake and his companion playing squash.

We had a great week! We did a ton of finding and found 9 new people who are prepared to hear the message of the Restoration. We were able to teach 4 teen age boys the Restoration on Sunday. We found one on a tram while contacting everybody and he had questions and we set up to meet and he brought his three friends, and next week they plan to bring two more and keep learning. We also got a call from a University and they want us to do a presentation about our church. We agreed and later found out from a member that its a professor who enjoys anti material so much that he wrote a book about anti material, and creates more. So this will be a presentation of testifying and inviting the spirit to teach and hopefully we will be able to get investigators out of that class. We did a ton of finding and its always a huge testimony builder to see how hard work pays off. We have lots of meetings this week set up and tons more finding and tracking this week. I love tracking here, the people will stick their heads out the Windows or cool stuff like that haha absolutely love it. Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week, totally forgot about it. I'll try to take some next week.  

Monday, March 7, 2016

First week of new transfer

Sorry about the weird email last week that may not have made a lot of sense, my new companion got here and so we went contacting and I didn't have time to finish or anything. This has been a very great week, my new companion is Elder Karjalainen from Finland, and its his last transfer. Luckily for me, he's not at all trunky, in fact he has the perfect attitude, he always says Elder! we have work to do, I only have two months left as a missionary! its so great because he is literally giving it all that he has. He served here in Ostrava over a year ago, it was his second area, and so luckily for me he still remembers how to get around. He has a really great relationship with the members and they are all so excited that he is back. I am learning a lot from him, he is so loving and fearless and speaks really great Czech, and I'm learning how to speak better, and how to always loose myself, and put all my energy into helping others. I haven't had time to take any pictures, sorry about that. Just kidding, I found this one I took when we were on our way to Brno for a District Conference. There I met out new Mission President, who will start in four months, and if you didn't know already, he is a Czech! This is a huge step for the church here in the  Czech Republic to have a native be the president! I love you all, stay safe and healthy.