Saturday, August 27, 2016

A great week.

This week has been great. We were blessed to have our Mission President and his wife with us for our district meeting on wenesday. We talked about how we can become like children so that we can help others come unto Christ. We often are told that we need to grow up, and start acting like adults through our lives, but the scriptures remind us several times, and in Mosiah 3;19, that in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven, we need to become as little children. We had a great distrit meeting, then we had the oppertunity to learn how we can better touch the hearts of the czech people by the way we speak. It's so crazy how little words can make a big difference. Switching up little words can change how a person looks at you and how they will react to the message about Jesus Christ.

We were able to go contacting with President and test out the new ideas. They worked amazingly. It was so great to see what happens when small changes are made. Like we all know, small changes will lead to big ones. One of the small changes/improvements we are all working with is to love the people more. I have personally seen that when I love the people I am serving, I love serving them that much more, and that the effort we put into it goes up. 

Saturday we went to prague again, because a group had visa work. When we got there, I went with another Elder on an exchange while both of our companions went and did visa work. We went and contacted in Prague and had the oppertunity to learn from each other. We both learned tons about how to let the spirit guide conversations and contacts, especally when you don't know your companion well and what your talking about is something new. It was so amazing to sit and let the spirit guide and teach. I am very excited for this week and continueing the new ways of contacing and sharing the gospel with my brothers and sisters here in the Czech Republic. Thanks for all of your love and prayers, I love you tons. Have a great week! 

i had enough battery to take a picture of the pizzas we made at home, not bad right?

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