Sunday, September 11, 2016

Amazing way to end the transfer

This transfer with Elder Andiarena has flown by so fast. It was a very fast 9 weeks of my life. At least we can say that the week went out with a bang. We had tons of great full days of finding and working hard together. On saturday, we went service tracting with the other Elders, and that basically consists of going door to door and asking people if we can help them in their yards doing free service. It's a great way to get people to like the missionaries and build a trust relationship with them. We had gone through a whole town of people and nobody wanted/needed any help. (czechs love to do things on their own) Once we were leaving the city, one man came back on his bike and said if I feed you lunch will you help me? We said we will help you without lunch. So he agreed to give us some lunch and then we spent an hour and a half digging up his potatoes. It was so awesome to get out and help and have a great time doing it. His wife cooked us an amazing lunch of some kind of soup and then a fruit dessert which was really good.

Sunday we had the oppertunity to go and see the re-dedication of the Fryberg Germany temple, which is the closest for the Czech people to go to. It has a crazy history behind it, and is now opened again so that God's children can be sealed together forever with their own families. Such a huge blessing for the people here. It was origionally in German, with President Uchtdorf and Bednar there. It was translated into czech and we were able to watch it with some of the members. It was such a great experience. The spirit is always so strong when the temples are involved in any way, shape, or form. It's one of my favorate lessons to teach because the spirit never holds back. 

This week, there was a celebration in Hradec Kralove, I guess a long time ago a king loved his queen, so he commanded a city to be built for her, and well, the reslut was Hradec Kralove! What an awesome gift! I hope someday ill be able to give my wife something as cool as this city. 

I now have my new companion..... His name is Elder Rees. We had the oppertunity to serve around each other in Ostrava, and now we are companions here. This will be the last two months of his mission, so I have tons to learn from him. I'm very excited. We have a lot of work to do and I know that we will be blessed with finding the people that God has put into our paths. 

Here is a flash back to Ostrava because its a picture of my companion and I before we were comps, and hes the one off to the left. =)