Monday, August 29, 2016

WOW! almost over already.

I realized this week, that we are now starting our last week of this transfer! It's way cool that our transfers are 9 weeks, but somehow they just blend together and it feels like 2 or 3.

This week, I went on an exchange with an Elder in our disrict, he is way cool. We were able to contact together and teach a few lessons with members and invistigators. I love being able to go on exchanges and learn new ways of teaching people and how I can apply those teaching methods to help people come unto Christ. One thing I really loved about that exchange, was the interview at the end. We also talk and discuss how it went. The idea was brought up about missions being difficult sometimes, but how they are so worth it, and how we receive so many blessings, that it's impossible not so see our trials as blessings. We are always put into situations to learn and to grow, not only ourselves, but to help others learn and grow as well. I love how we both agree that there isn't anything about our missions that we could change or do away with. Not waking up early, or following every little rule even though sometimes we don't know why. We have everything we need to learn and grow, to improve and build. I am so thankful for that in my life as a missionary.

This week we witnessed an amazing miracle. We were going through our contacts with people we have met in the past 8 weeks, and we found a name of a lady in her 40s, her children are all grown up  and she is living alone. We tracked into her and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She said she would come to church, but never got around to it and over the weeks contact was lost beacuse of the business of her schedule. We saw her name and decided to send a txt and invite her to church. She responded saying she would love to come even though she is very busy at work. Sunday morning while we were greeting members, she walked up and was all dressed and ready. We went up and I had the oppertunity to sit by her. Church and Christianity were totally new to here. I was able to explain the basic things like why we sing and pray, and why we have the sacrament. She thought it was all interesting, but she said she would stay and see. It was fast Sunday yesterday, because next week there will be a temple dedication. We sang and prayed and she absolutley loved it. We sang If the Savior Stood Beside Me, and she loved the hymn. She stayed for the rest and absolutley loved it. For class, we talked about baptism, and she said she especally loved relief society. She had to hurry out after church to catch her train, and we weren't able to talk with her after that. We had on plan to call her at night after our contacting block. As we were contacting, we received a call from her. She asked if she could speak for a minute, and she expressed her loved and thoughts about church and how much she loved it! It was so amazing. She went on for five minutes about the special light she felt in her life. We can't wait to meet with her again

Thank you for all of your prayers and support, the next time I send you something will be me telling you about my new companion and where I will be serving. Wow that was a fast transfer. 

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