Monday, December 26, 2016

October 3rd - Pictures and Audio Files

This has been a great week! We had an amazing training on Tuesday in prague. President and Sister PohoĹ™alicky taught us about how to teach the first lesson and the importance of starting from the bottom and working up with our investigators. Sometimes we forget how new religion can be to some people. They taught on how it is important to start with them first understanding fully who God is, and what this means to us. From there we can work our way up teaching simply and with the spirit. It went very well with our Zone Leaders training about improving our teaching skills, especially on how to teach simply. Sometimes as we learn the language enough to get complicated, we feel like we need to teach things differently, but the best way to teach is simply, with easy words, and expanding the scriptures. They showed the importance of why we need to teach simply by using a very cool example. They asked a new missionary who has been in the country 3 weeks, to explain to President Pohoralicky american football in English. Sounds simple, but when it isn't his first language, and american football isn't something he is familiar with, it made for a perfect lesson on how easy it can be for us to expect what little words mean such as quarter back, defense, offence, line of scrimmage (not sure how to spell that one....) and other things like that. I really learned a lot and it has helped me and changed the way I look at teaching.

Fall is coming, which means that its still the season to harvest. I'm very excited to continue working through and finding the people who God has prepared to hear his gospel. The trees are beautiful and the air is getting colder, I love fall. I've seen more and more people out during the day, maybe because of two reasons, one is college here is in, and two its not so hot, but either way I believe that God is preparing the people of the Czech Republic to hear his gospel more and more. I love the work, I love the Czech Republic. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Today we went and saw a ruined castle, here are a few pictures from that.

Audio files from Blake...