Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week one in Hradec Králové

This week has flown by really quick. I feel like I just wrote last weeks letter. Anyways, I am in a beautiful city with about 96,000 people (not sure how many there are now, college is out so a lot went home for the summer). This is a very great city. We started the week teaching a new convert who is so solid! She absolutley loves the Gospel and what it brings her in her life. She is always asking if she can teach other invistigators with us. We had some other great lessons this week as well and I love the members, they are so great to teach with and get to know.

On saturday, we had a sports night, its a great activity to get a lot of people out and get to know the missionaries and members. We had about 30 people playing soccer with us, it was so crazy! I had always thought that I wouldn't be the best at soccer, and on saturday, it was confirmed but it was way fun though! Sunday was great. I have had the blessing in serving in two areas with amazing wards. The ward here is so great. There was a missionary who just returned home this week and he shared a great spiritual thought and it was so great to see. 

This week we also went to Prague! TWICE! once on friday for a doctors appoitment for my comp, hes fine don't worry, and then today for visa work for me, way exciting, I love the Czech Republic, and man the weather is warming up, so we get plenty of time to tan as well. Thanks for all of your support and prayers, I realized the only pictures I have are from when I left Ostrava, I'll try to get better at that... Have a great week!

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