Monday, July 4, 2016

Amazing Week

This has been such a great week, the weather is warming up that's for sure. I have a whole new respect for water. It's so amazing to see the differences in a city that the weather can bring. When I first got to Ostrava, it was December 30th, 2015. I think. Anyways it was cold, but not snowy, then it slowly got snowy and cold and was like that for a while, then it warmed up and everything changed. The trees turned green, it heated up, it's so cool to see the change. I have really grown to love Ostrava, I love it here. 

This week we went to Prague for our last training with President McConkie. It was so amazing to hear his training about Testimonies and the work. He used a lot from a talk given by President Uchtdorf in the April 2008 General conference. He talked about the strength our testimonies have and how we should declare, teach, and testify of everything we hear to be true, believe to be true, and know to be true. He then let his family, a senior couple who are going home, and 2 missionaries who are going home as well share their testimonies at the end. It was so amazing to sit and feel the spirit teach and testify of what was being shared. 

President Pohořelicky was set apart  last week by President Nelson, and tomorrow when his plane hits the ground and he gets off, he is the Mission President of the Czech/Slovak mission. He will have about an hour meeting with President McConkie, then he takes over fully. I know he will be an amazing Mission President. It doesn't usually happen when a missionary meets their new President before he is the President, but many of the missionaries here have met, and even worked with him. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with him several times and conferences. He is truly an amazing man. 

This week I had the oppertunity to go on an exchange with Elder Rees from Salt Lake City Utah. He is way cool, very funny and very spiritual. I knows how to bring joy into the work and continue to work hard. It was really great to get to be with him for a day, even though our three lessons we had on plan all fell through. I learned a lot from him and his great example. He has been out for a 21 months, so he knows the work and it was great to see how he has learned how to work hard. 

We had the opportunity to go to a museum for our culture event, where a member works. It was a WWII memorial museum, and is at a locations where a battle was fought for Ostrava. It was really cool to see all the history there. We were also able to go and spend some time with the Buzorlovi family. They invited all the missionaries over for a BBQ and we played sports with them and had a great time. 

The pictures attached are from that and from the museum =) thank you for your prayers and support, have a great week. 

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