Monday, January 25, 2016

Another great week in the Czech Republic Jan 25

​these are the only two pictures i took all week. One is of this soup that a member made us while we were at the church weekly planning, and the other is of the other two elders here on a day with some huge snow coming down.

​This has been a really fun and challenging week. We got some more snow which is really awesome! but it turns to ice and slush and everybody is slipping and falling like crazy! It makes running to try to catch trams and busses really interesting. So we had some cool experiences, like we were walking home and when we were walking, a lady came up to us and asked if we baptised people. haha yeah we do! thats our purpose here, so we taught her about what we do and she said that she has met missionaries here, and then she explained about how she wants to be baptised, and married into a church, but not the catholic church, but she wants to be married in a kostel, which are the catholic church buildings. She wouldn't give us her number so we could set up and meet with her to explain more about our church but we gave her ours so hopefully she will contact us so we can explain a little more. But we also we tracting, which was different here than in the states because most people live in apartments and so we went and found some houses and left letters telling about us and that we will be back to talk more with them in a few days. We went back yesterday and its so cool here because we stand outside by the gate and ring the zvonek which is like a door bell and then usually they will come out of a window, or a cool sun roof thing and see who is there, haha its so awesome seeing people hanging out Windows and we yell up to them and its always funny. We went to a members house and had lunch, she is known for making svičovič i think is how its spelled, and its what i had the first day in prague. But when we got there we had a nice soup and that's what all i thought we were going to have and it was the perfect amount of food, then she brought out the other food that i wasn't expecting and i was already full! She then filled up my plate and I ate it all, which was four peaces of bread and meat, and then sauce and i was so full! The other missionaries ate around12 or 15, the record is 24, and I walked away with 4 and i was stuffed beyond belief. So that was interesting for the rest of the day. that meal put my to sleep. Oh and sleep, boy I love sleep. Tomorrow we are going to prague and have to wake up at 3, then when we get back at night it will be at 11 and then we wake up at regular time, so this should be interesting haha. But everything has been great here, the snow is fun, the people are nice, teaching and learning the language is a constant challenge that is awesome, and I'm so excited for the week to come. 

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