Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Email - Jan 11

This week has been great! the language is still really hard but i have been expecting that because its Czech, so i am doing all I can every day and the gift of tongues is helping me with the rest. We are usually contacting a ton everyday so talking to people is getting easier but its still hard to talk to some people. I have started conversations and then they are like are you speaking dutch or German or do you want to just speak English ( because they teach English in their schools here) and I'm like hey I'm trying here, and no that wan't dutch that was czech, i read those words right out of a dictionary and they tried to apply all the grammar to have it make sense. Anyways that it very humbling and quiet funny sometimes on how much work I have before I can have a conversation with someone. I'm doing okay during lessons because the gospel terms are what we studied in the MTC so i can contribute there haha. We had a bit of a crazy experience this week coming back from Brno for a follow up training. We were going to catch a 1 o clock train but barely missed it so we took a 2, then got back around 4 30 and decided to do some contacting after a quick dinner. We then went to a pizza place but it was way expensive so we were going to go contact to find another place to eat, and as we were going a man came out of a bar and so elder lanham asked him if he knew of any places to eat that wasn't a bar, and the man was a little drunk, not bad but hes like sure ill také you there. So about 15 minutes later walking through a confusing part of town, we come to a place and he is like eat here. So we said okay and then he left and we went in and I asked for the menus (yes in czech, not my best moment) and they waitress said yeah and then she read my name tag, had an interesting look on here face and then later her and her friend ask us some questions and elder Breyman (my trainer) and elder Lanham (Elder Marcuccis) trainer talked with her quite a bit and then tried to set up a time to meet with her because she was really troubled by this, but she didn't want to meet but she did accept our contact info and said she would think about what they said and maybe call. all the crazy things that happened to set that up was just amazing. Today we spent a while cleaning a kostel for a Catholic Priest who had some questions, did bash on us or anything. We had a nice meal with him and cleaned some stuff and talked and it was really awesome. He now sees the LDS missionaries differently which is awesome. (By the way im sorry for all the misspelled words and stuff, this computer is in czech so all the words are red saying they are wrong, and i sliced my finger open which is hard to type with)  here's a few random pics, i can't say a lot more because a new investigator just showed up so we are going to go talk with him! yes! 
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