Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wow, what an amazing week

Here is a picture of when we were standing reserving parking spots for President Uchtdorf.
and one of a beautiful building that I took a while ago... I didn't take any pictures this week.  

So, this was an amazing week. Long and great, full of hard work and adventures. One of the craziest things is that we were able to meet President Uchtdorf! He was in Ostrava because this is where he was born, and the missionaries here were all able to meet him! I don't however, have a picture, but that's okay. I will always remember that experience. My companion and I had the secret mission of setting it up for him, which carried over from Elder Karjalainen. I didn't know about it last transfer, but at the start of this transfer we had to finish everything, and then it all made sense on why Elder Karjalainen took me to random places, and took random pictures and so it was great haha. We were able to get everything set up for him with some amazing miracles and lots of help from God. 

The weather is getting really nice and toasty, which is a blessing. This week we were able to get back in contact with an investigator who lost his phone and so we didn't have contact for several weeks. He is now preparing for baptism again and has already picked a member here who he wants to baptize him. Such an amazing experience. 

We now have a ward here in Ostrava. The new Stake President came on sunday and established the ward here. Our new bishop is so amazing! The Stake President gave a lesson in priesthood about scriptures and why we have them and the blessings of reading them and studying them. It's such a blessing as  a missionary to have an hour each day set aside for us to study scriptures and learn from them.

Not a lot of time today, but there was my week in a nut shell. We are doing great and loving the work. Thank you for all of your prayers. I love you all. 
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