Monday, February 15, 2016

Well, time flies

This has been another great week, by the way happy Valintines Day everybody, not going to lie I totally forgot it was until I saw everybody walking around with Roses. Then it clicked ha, that makes sense. This week has been really great, we have three investigators on date, but couldn't meet with any of them! which was a little upsetting but they were sick or out of town or working, and they are still going to get baptized so theres no worries there. It's so great to see the people here love the Gospel as much as they do. We have been teaching another investigator about Joseph Smith, he thinks that all the good that Joseph did is to much to do because God asked him to, and that he did it for other reasons like attention and money and fame, and women, it appears he knows about poligimy (that may be spelled wrong) but it opens up great teaching oppertunities. Everytime somebody brings up something bad, they give us an oppertunity to teach them about something good. Every week we have a sports night with our branch and allow everybody to come and play a sport, this weeks was basketball and we had the oppertunity to play with some really cool people that we met at the court. I realized a couple things, first off being im not good at basketball, second is theres always oppertunities to teach, and third which has been pounded into my head over and over again, is if you look for good, you will find it. I don't have much more time but im doing well here and this country is amazing.

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