Friday, February 26, 2016

Wow, last week already?

This week is my last week with my trainer Elder Breyman who has been so great, and maybe my last week in Ostrova, I hope not because I reallly love it here and don't want to transfer out. Anyways this week has flown by! tons of great experiences, miracles, and countless blessings. I currently just ran out of things to say that won't také the rest of my time in the Czech Republic to explain how awesome those experiences were. Just know that I'm having an amazing time and am learning so much and enjoying helping others. I have learned so much in the MTC, and am learning so much here! Contacting people is great, sometimes people don't show up to meet which is always sad, but they will have another chance. I love my mission and I love all of you. This week we were able to go to bolt tower for our culture night, and it was cool because Usian Bolt, or however you spell his name, comes and runs there every year. I touched the wall he signed, and it felt.... a lot like a wall haha. I touched the signature of the world's fastest man, and it felt like a wall. but i took a Picture by it anyways. That was a cool experience, but there is no better experience than to sit down with an investigator, and teach them a lesson directed by the spirit. I love my mission and all of you.

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