Sunday, February 14, 2016

Another week gone... Wow, That was fast!

This week really went by fast! It was so awesome! We were only able to meet with a few investigators and so we had a ton of contacting which always has great experiences involved. One of the best is the Gift of Tongues. Elder Marcucci and I (same MTC group so we are both still learning Czech) had an Exchange. Well this was interesting because we had no lessons scheduled, so 6 hours of contacting was our daily plan. This came as a bit of a shock because our trainers had tons of lessons to do and I think they planned it so we only had contacting. Oh well haha so we set off and go on a 6 hour contacting spree, which involves us talking to anyone and everyone we see. So we decided to go to the park which is huge here in Ostrava, and at the park we met a ton of cool people! and with the Czech language experience that we have, there's no way we should have been able to understand what we did, but the gift of tongues took over and we were able to have so many great conversations with a wide variety of people, and teach three discussions and setting up to teach 3 other people! We also had so many that were so close and had interest in our message, but wouldn't take the time to meet and talk more which was very disappointing but if they are prepared, we will see them again. Even in this city of 300,000 people.  We did some great service on Saturday which involved taking the wooden decorations of walls out of an old bar, and helping turn it into a new fabric store for some of the members here. It was such a great experience to be able to work with my hands again! Other than that things are going great! We currently have 7 progressing investigators which is so great! 3 with baptismal dates and its so great to see them progressing and coming to the Gospel. That's why we're here.

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