Wednesday, November 25, 2015

MTC - Week 4

This has been a super great week, and it's only going to get better! We have still been having nice weather so that's a plus, it  makes it nice when we have to travel from far side of campus to the other far side for classes and food and residence haha. We had Chick Filet this week for food and that was awesome because i have been craving it for some reason. I've been super busy with everything lately and haven't had time to take a bunch of pictures, but i did take a few so don't worry about that haha. This week has been a little crazy because of thanksgiving so we are doing all of our p day stuff like visiting the temple, e-mailing, and laundry at random times through the week during our study time so it makes it hard to prepare good lessons and translate them to Czech, it's a good challenge that i enjoy because i think its helping me with the language. Its weird to think im almost half way though my M.T.C experience, and boy as happy as I am, im sad because the M.T.C is so great, its very spiritual here all the time and i will miss all the devotionals, but i can't wait to use what i have learned in the field. It was my teacher Brother Knapp's birthday (sometime this week i forgot the day) and so the sisters drew happy birthday in Czech on the board and a weird cake was drawn and it was good time. I'm so blessed to have good teachers here! they make the difference for sure. My two sister teachers were companions in the field and so they know each other very well and it makes me excited to get to know and love tons of people in the field. Elder Pickett and i matched on accident so we thought that was pic worthy haha and then the other picture is all our food, we went early black friday shopping at the book store and sense missionaries get 40% off, we had a hay day ( and stuff that was sent to us). I decided to challenge myself and read the Book of Mormon again while at the M.T.C and im in Alma 24 so I'm pretty sure I will finish and make my goal, but its amazing how much more I'm getting out of it while here! I love the spirit that is here and how it's helping me so much with everything. So thats about it, tomorrow we get to hear from a general authority and do service providing over 320,000 meals for needy families in Utah so I'm very excited for that =) thats all ill send a few pics after because this only lets me send 2 at a time (Really we can send people to the moon but not send more that 2 pics on e-mail?)
all our food

 Elder Pickett and I matched on accident

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