Thursday, November 12, 2015

MTC - Week 1

So, the first week has been really good. my companions name is Elder Paxton from Riverton Utah, he was a hockey player and cheerleader so thats pretty cool. I'm getting along with him which is good. Everybody in our zone is super cool, and branch is even cooler. Foods great! i have been eating a ton, but don't think ive put on any weight so thats good. I weighed with clothes jacket and shoes and i was 159... hopefully most of that weight was clothes but i don't feel any fatter. we have been playing volleyball outside even though its super cold because we can't stand being copped up in class for 11 hours a day. They way they teach you is crazy! the teachers on speak in Czech so your forced to learn. Its like being sprayed in the face with a fire hose and being told to get a drink. Other than that its great. Our residence is the farthest away from everything and its on the highest floor, along with our class so we are getting plenty of stair exercises in. Today was our first P day and temple day and so far its been great. At night when we are at our residence, it sometimes seems like a college campus haha except without the bad things. Just a bunch of crazy guys with weird ideas.... but its been great getting to know everybody. Im still trying to the email thing worked out so if you get duplicates or stuff not meant for you... sorry hahah

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