Thursday, November 19, 2015

MTC - Week 3

So this week has been pretty great...except for a few random things that threw me for  a twist. We started this week with a sunday devotional, which was great. I don't have my notes on my and i forgot who gave it but it was sweet haha then Monday we hosted senior missionaries which was super fun. Its getting colder so i was all bundled up haha. Then tuesday we had another great devotional which was also awesome, oh and i'm our new district leader so that's cool. Im learning tons from this opportunity and how to love and be patient with others. Yesterday we hosted over 600 missionaries which was a blast! i personally hosted 5 elders which was great, i teased them some and tried to get them to relax because i so remember that day haha. Then afterwards, i was walking to class with Starší Paxton and i was watching this kid almost run into a door, when i wacked into a pole so hard i about died! thats the pic of my face... then lets see what else happened... oh yeah we stole a picture of Dan Jones from a different class room and carried it all the way across campus for our room because the teachers took all the language stuff off the walls so we couldn't use it to "cheat" anymore and the walls were blank so Dan Jones one of the greatest missionaries in church history is now in our room! so thats sweet haha and thats about it.I'm having a great time here, I wish the last 6 weeks would be over already but the first 3 were a total success! We wont have the same P day next week because we are doing service for thanksgiving so i think i will email Wednesday morning or something? not sure so just keep an eye out and btw we get to have an apostle talk to us! so we are very excited for next week.

wacked a pole.....  Ouch

Dan Jones picture

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