Thursday, November 12, 2015

MTC - Week 2

So this is our second P day. Had a good week with some  pretty cool stuff happen. On I had to teach priesthood which i gladly accepted because I was able to speak English for it!! haha it felt so good to actually feel confident about a lesson! We got two new "Investigators" which are our teachers that act like people they either made up or met on their mission and we teach them according to their bio, and we got wrecked on both lessons because we can't take a script. They said we can take some words and a few phrases but teach what we know, and i felt okay about it, but then everything went over my head and it was so hard to try to answer their questions because i was getting their words and my words mixed up and it was crazy! we have another 20 min lesson tonight that we have to prepare while our laundry is washing... I sang in the choir Tuesday night for a devotional and i realized that they lie to you when they say you have a beautiful voice so come sing. I said id try anything once, and shouldn't have haha i realized im horrible at singing, but the spirit was great so im hoping the voices of everybody else drown me out. And it showed me on the big screen =) so at least they got to see my good side, and hear my bad side haha. Its starting to get cold so ive been wearing sweaters a lot which is super nice to have them because some elders who are going to like tahati or africa dont have warm clothes so... that's no fun. An elder in my zone went home Monday, he was going to Bulgaria and had been here 5 weeks and then just randomly went home. he seemed totally fine and then he was just gone. It makes me worry about the other people who seem fine. the language is starting to come along..ish haha we are learning cases which is what makes czech harder than most languages because is will change every word in the sentence based on the context its being used in or something like that. Ive found when i am in a lesson, i sometimes randomly speak a little spanish and im like wait.. that didnt sound right haha  luckily i have super cool teachers who make it fun to learn. We borrowed a ping pong net from some people in our district and had some fun earlier today (Pic 1) and then i finally got my world mission picture (Pic 2) all in all I've been having a ton of fun here and learned a lot so dont worry about me im doing great =)


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