Tuesday, April 19, 2016

what a crazy amazing hard week

It's been a way crazy week for me. It went by so fast, yet so long, just like my mission up to this point haha. The weather has been getting nicer! So amazing to see all the trees getting green and beautiful.  This week was hectic, but awesome haha. It started really good, and then on Wednesday night, I went on an exchange with Elder marcucci, and then the next day, him and I went to Prague to do visa work, (which was on Friday) and on Thursday, we went on an exchange with the AP's which was fine haha, I've been serving with an AP this whole transfer haha, he was assistant for 8 months, so crazy, he's such a great missionary, I've learned so much from him. Anyways, on our exchange, we got our picture taken by some guy and I noticed he was trying to sneak take a picture, so during our contact I looked right at him and smiled as he took the picture, he then noticed that I saw him, so get got mad and was like I'm going to call the cops because you are going around bugging people, I was like excuse me sir, come here for a second and let me tell you what we are doing (I said it nicely of course, it just sounds mean typed, we really wanted to explain what we were doing but he ran off). he didn't come, he left and probably told the cops haha but who cares, good luck finding two innocent kids in a city of 2 million people, plus however many tourists haha. We also had some way good burritos for lunch! that was good. When we first started contacting with elder needham (he is the ap now, and he trained Elder Paxton, my mtc comp) our first contact was a guy, and we took him to the building and taught him and then set up to meet again, (that doesn't happen very often, it was such a blessing to have this guy give us 15 minutes to teach him the restoration) after the exchange when I was home, Elder Needham texted me and told me that the man we found was now on date and getting ready for baptism! woot woot! on Friday, after the visa work, we had the whole MTC group there, and their comps, and we all went for lunch (at the burrito place) and then did a singing display, which is when we all get together and sing hymns, and some people go out and contact people who are walking by and explain why a bunch of people are sitting there singing haha. after that, we went and got our train, headed home on a 4 hour train ride, then hit the ground running with a great lesson (elder Marcucci and I, who have both been here the same amount of time) we taught our investigator about the Book of Mormon, I've been teaching her my whole time here, and we had a great lesson and she loved it and was excited for church and to keep reading and find out what happened at the end of the book of Mormon. Unfortunately, on Saturday morning we woke up at 6 to go running like we do, and we woke up to a text from her, telling us that she didn't want to learn anymore. we haven't been able to get in contact with her sense then, we have no idea what happened. She was going to get baptized soon. We also had two other investigators drop us this week, both working to baptism, and they won't tell us why. but as we know, the blessing always come, and one investigator that Elder Breyman and I found my first week here, is making amazing progress and is working towards being baptized on the 30th of this month, so awesome. Saturday, we did our culture night, which was really awesome! we went and saw Hamlet, a play in French, translated into Czech, so I still had no idea what was going on haha. Before that, we went to have dinner, and on the way we realized we forgot tickets! so we rented a taxi that we found by miracle and got there and back in literally no time, this guy was so crazy and so funny. The opera was way great, its so great how our mission gives us one night a transfer to go with members of the branch to a culture night and learn more about Czech culture. We ended the week with three investigators at church with us, two of them we haven't been in contact with, and they just showed up! and they loved it! So many great blessings happening here. This week was so amazing, so many great things happened, and I've learned so much. 
The pictures are of the cool taxi driver, and of about half the missionaries singing, not sure why i look weird in them, but that's me =)

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