Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time Flies in the MTC

Another week gone, wow only 11 days left in the MTC! Wow. I'm happy to say that this has been another great week though! We finally got snow to stick! It has snowed a couple times but now its finally cold enough to stick and continue snowing. It's about time. All the other Elders in my room enjoy sleeping in the freezing cold, so our thermas is turned all the way down. I must be taking after my mom because I sleep with a bunch of clothes on and like 5 blankets! I guess its just getting me ready for the Czech haha. Wow, it's so hard to think  only 11 days! We got 6 new Elders going to Poland and I can remember my first day and how excited they are to be here. I can't until they are in my shoes and are almost leaving. I'm definitely not ready language wise, but I have a feeling that I am about to learn a lot as soon as we get to the Czech. On Sunday, we had a devotional by the BYU Men's choir and it was totally amazing how the brought the spirit so strongly through their songs, and one of them shared a story from his mission and guess where he went. Yep he also went to the Czech! He's been home for about 6 months and he absolutely loved it! We talked to him after (We as in my district) and he said that we are absolutely going to love our mission, and then he asked who had the best ř which is how we pronounce that letter. It's a pronunciation that no other language has... with good reason because of how hard it is haha. So today was our last temple trip because the temple is closed next week for Christmas. At least we got to go though as a whole zone. That was super great. Our other devotional this week was from Lynn G. Robbins from the Presidency of the Seventy and he taught us about developing Christ like attributes and how they are important for our missions and for the rest of our lives. He taught us about how a to do list is different than a to be list, and how we should try to make our to do list influence our to be lists, and the person that we want to be in the future, starts by us becoming them now. We got to skype some Czech members this week as well! It was totally scary. I thought my teachers speak fast... whewh! Then yesterday we got to  teach the new missionaries how to start teaching a lesson by showing care and love for the investigator, and during that time I saw my good friend Elder Benson Briggs! I haven't seen him for a long time, then I was able to see him in the MTC that's awesome! Sadly we loose two of our teachers this week. Sister Godfrey is getting her tonsils out today ouch, so we won't see here again for a while, and Brother Knapp is going back to Kansas for Christmas on saturday, which is great for him because his sister just got back from her mission so he gets to see her! So we will still have Sister Donaldson teach us, and she is getting married in January so she's always super excited haha. Our lessons have been going well while we teach our "Investigators" who are our teachers who role play somebody that they taught in the Czech. Sadly Starší Paxtons and I investigators are Brother Knapp and Sister Godfreys characters so we will get done early, but they said they have something figured out for us. Almost time to go the the Czech! The Church is true! (most of my good pictures are on other peoples cameras so i will send them when I get them later today)  but here is one of our zone at the temple this morning and me and my frozen face

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