Sunday, October 2, 2016

What a great week.

This has been another great week, just like the title says haha. The weather is cooling down a little bit so that's a blessing. It's sweater weather I guess you could say.

This week we were challenged by our zone leaders to call at least five people a day. I'll explain why this is important. The main way of finding people here, is street contacting. Lots of times on the streets, people will give us their numbers so we can set up to meet, however with time, for whatever reason, if these people loose contact for a while or say call me in a month of so, communication with these people gets lost. So when we go through old records and find these people and call them again, we get back in touch with them and get them thinking about God again. It's really awesome. We were promised blessings if we would call these people, and we have been diligently calling people and seeing the blessings. One blessing paid off today. We just had a lesson with a man who was contacted by missionaries about 6 months ago. He had interest so we set up and met with him, and had a great lesson today. He wants to keep meeting and we are very excited to keep working with him. 

Our mission is really focusing on working with faith. I am very excited for this. I have seen how much of an impact faith has in the work, and how much we need it as missionaries. We often hear that people don't need faith in life to be happy, but from the way I see it, everybody needs faith in some way or another. Faith the bus will come on time, or that the sun will rise, or that the other drivers on the road will do their best to be safe. Tons of things, and I've noticed that when we have faith in God, there is literally no bad thing that can come from it. There is no point not to have faith, not to better and strengthen your faith, it only does good things for us. I love helping people realize that for themselves, its the best feeling. 

That's about all for this week, thanks for all you prayers and support, your great. I love you tons.
Our district after district meeting, and i found a cool bear on the road and took a picture with him

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