Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall is here

Well, like the title says, fall is here. The leaves are falling the its getting darker sooner and not as light in the mornings, but the fields are white and ready to harvest. This has been a true missionary week, we experienced a lot of ups and downs with invistigators, but, the Lord is in the work, and the goods always outnumber the bads. We see blessings everyday that God showers down upon us. One of the best things about that, is when we work our hardest doing His work, He never leaves us. We always are blessed in so many ways that we can see, and always that we can't see.

We had the oppertunity to go and offer service on saturday to a place that works with blind people. We as missionaries had the oppertunity to serve with the ward and help clean the place and get things ready for fall. It was an amazing experience to be there and serve people with the ward, those are the best kinds of service projects. 

This week we had a great church meeting, Honza is leaving for his mission to Manchester Englad on wednesday! We are all excited for him, he gave his homecoming talk about being greatful for things in life. We are always blessed in so many ways, and I really ike how Honza said that the more greatful we are, the more we see our blessings in our lives. I really have been trying that latley. Counting blessins and seeing them is one thing, but then being greatful for them is totally different. I encourage all of you to not only count all of your blessings this week when you are having a tough time, but also to be greatful for them. Realize what a blessing is, and where and from who they came. I promise that they will brighten your day and bring a smile back on your face. I love you all, thanks for all of your love and support. 

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