Monday, March 14, 2016

Really great week

Blake and his companion playing squash.

We had a great week! We did a ton of finding and found 9 new people who are prepared to hear the message of the Restoration. We were able to teach 4 teen age boys the Restoration on Sunday. We found one on a tram while contacting everybody and he had questions and we set up to meet and he brought his three friends, and next week they plan to bring two more and keep learning. We also got a call from a University and they want us to do a presentation about our church. We agreed and later found out from a member that its a professor who enjoys anti material so much that he wrote a book about anti material, and creates more. So this will be a presentation of testifying and inviting the spirit to teach and hopefully we will be able to get investigators out of that class. We did a ton of finding and its always a huge testimony builder to see how hard work pays off. We have lots of meetings this week set up and tons more finding and tracking this week. I love tracking here, the people will stick their heads out the Windows or cool stuff like that haha absolutely love it. Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week, totally forgot about it. I'll try to take some next week.  

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