Monday, March 7, 2016

First week of new transfer

Sorry about the weird email last week that may not have made a lot of sense, my new companion got here and so we went contacting and I didn't have time to finish or anything. This has been a very great week, my new companion is Elder Karjalainen from Finland, and its his last transfer. Luckily for me, he's not at all trunky, in fact he has the perfect attitude, he always says Elder! we have work to do, I only have two months left as a missionary! its so great because he is literally giving it all that he has. He served here in Ostrava over a year ago, it was his second area, and so luckily for me he still remembers how to get around. He has a really great relationship with the members and they are all so excited that he is back. I am learning a lot from him, he is so loving and fearless and speaks really great Czech, and I'm learning how to speak better, and how to always loose myself, and put all my energy into helping others. I haven't had time to take any pictures, sorry about that. Just kidding, I found this one I took when we were on our way to Brno for a District Conference. There I met out new Mission President, who will start in four months, and if you didn't know already, he is a Czech! This is a huge step for the church here in the  Czech Republic to have a native be the president! I love you all, stay safe and healthy.

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