Monday, February 13, 2017

Oct 17, 2016 - Great week here in H.K.

Recording from Blake

Mission Newsletter - Get's one every week

This has been another great week! We are always so blessed to see the lords hands in our work. We recently have seen two of our former investigators while we were on the streets contacting people, both were total miracles, and one of them even set up to meet again! We are way excited to meet with her next Sunday, it should be great. Sadly, the other one didn't have interest, and so we will give him a while before we try again. Sometimes, we need the opportunity to find salvation 1, or 2 or 500 times before we accept it, but we want to make sure its always there so when God has prepared his children, they know where to go to find it.

For district meeting this week, we talked a lot about why missionaries work hard, and what their motive is. One thing we really centered it on, is working hard because these people need the gospel, not work hard because its something that we should just do. Of course, we always need to give our best, but I have personally noticed, that when my heart is in it for the right reasons, it is always a better day for me personally, and for others around us. I took the challenge personally, and have really been focusing on working hard because I want the people around us to have the gospel, to have the truth and light of Christ. When I do this, I notice so many promptings of the spirit always telling me what to say, leading and guiding out conversations and lessons, its such an amazing experience and I have totally changed the way I go about missionary work. 

Today, we had the awesome opportunity to make some great Czech food, one of our members was so nice and taught us how to make fruit dumplings, and some great potato and mushroom soup! It was way good!  here are some pictures of that, sorry about the shortness of the E-mail, kind of ran out of time without realizing it haha have a great week. 

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